Tech Task #10 Edmodo vs Schoology




  • layout is very easy to navigate
  • provides  detailed features such as attendance, quizzes and assignment sections where each student can submit work


  • if the teacher does not change certain settings it is possible for the students to leave random comments on anything that the teacher posts
  • A bit too similar to Facebook layout
  • The codes that students needed to enter a class were very long and difficult to remember.

  • step by step help is provided when you first become a member
  • teachers can personalize their profiles with avatars and other information
  • very easy to set up a class
  • does not have an attendance feature
  • The quizzes feature does not provide a wide variety of question types

Although the two websites are very similar and seem to offer many of the same options we have decided that if we had to choose we would probably choose Schoology. We were impressed with the quiz section and also the attendance feature. It is very easy to navigate and add different courses that students could be apart of. When we first were able to take a look and explore both of these websites we were very impressed, but we felt like we probably won’t use them when we are teachers. We would like to use them, but in most schools there is already an online program set up that teachers use to record student progress and attendance.  These programs that are currently being used are not as detailed as Schoology, but still allow the students and parents access to their attendance and grades.

If we do use Schoology in our classrooms  we would like to take advantage of the quizzes and assignment section as it would allow our students to have access to the class at anytime and anywhere. If a student was sick in bed they would still be able to submit their assignment through the use of Schoology. Overall we think that these websites are awesome and could be a great tool for teachers. It would be nice if the programs that are being used in the school systems were more like Schoology and Edmodo.

-Madison, Courtney & Janelle


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