The Nasty Side of Social Media

Looking at the videos from this week, both provided a controversial but, necessary conversation about the negative side of social media. It is somewhat worrisome that online threats aren’t always taken as seriously as threats made in person. It was disappointing for me that the police force was unaware and demonstated a lack of understanding of social media, more specifically regarding Twitter. I was completed shocked to read that a woman would have to have approximately $15,000 to fight for her rights online. As said in the video, who has $15,000 (shoe box of money) stored away to fit a similar battle? The woman interviewed expressed suicidal thoughts after her photos were posted online. This would relate to children, also feeling like they are helpless. To note, the woman in the interview received little support on the issue due to a lack of understanding. Victim blame is found often in our society and mainstream culture, which desperately needs to change.

Online harassment occurs at much higher rates than expected and some would argue it is an established norm in our digital society. I found it interesting that Facebook has *support* for those who are at a perceived risk of suicide. I would question that type of criteria is needed, or this will simply “reporting”someone. Instagram from my understanding also has similar regulations about suicide, self harm, disordered eating, etc. Since many youths are using online forums to express themselves I am pleased to see the Kids Help Phone has created an app for children and youth to use instead of a phone call. 

Our reading around online comments had me reflecting on the new regulations by CBC  which were recently changed. Multiple unacceptable comments were posted with articles which CBC did not support therefore prompting the change. 



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