Voxer- voice, text and photo

One of the suggested apps that was recommended for my project was Voxer. Voxer was completely new to me.


According to its Google Play description, Voxer is a “free app that combines the best of voice, text and photo messages with walkie talkies for a powerful, modern personal and group messaging tool.”

Taken from  it’s website. Voxer’s key features are:

Live and Recorded Audio

You can hear messages as people speak, or listen later if you are unavailable.


Alongside voice, send text, photos and share your location.

Large Group Chats

Broadcast messages to up to 500 individuals or team contacts.

Pick Your Device

Use your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8 or desktop to communicate.

Walkie Talkie Mode

Pick a chat to listen and respond to live voice without being in the app.

Headset Integrations

Hook up your wired or Bluetooth headsets to respond back hands-free.

Extreme Notifications

Turn on loud, repetitive alerts for messages when you’re in noisy environments.

Voxer for Web

When you are at your desk, listen and respond to your contacts from a desktop.

Use Any Data Network

Talk across countries, wireless carriers, or data networks at no additional charge.


Military-Grade Security
Data is sent through encrypted connections and stored in a secure cloud.

In Educator Explains Why Voxer Strengthens Teaching, they describe the app as life altering. You are able to communicate in private groups of up to 15 in the free version. You know the chat is private, which makes all individuals feel safe and in a space where they can share.

Ways You Can Use Voxer in Your Schools describes three best uses for Voxer in schools:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Staff connection
  3. District Connection

What is special about those three uses for Voxer? I would say the district connection, the ability to continue to “chat” with someone while away from work is useful. Already using a messenger system at work, this would be nothing new to communicate at work using, but it could be used to continue the converstion.

My review:

Would I go so far as to say that Voxer is life-altering? Probably not. I can see it would have its uses for ccollaboration, but I don’t necessarily see it as a -need to use- product.

It may also have cool learning opportunities for students. But, does it offer something totally new, not really. The walkie talkie option is cool and allows the speaker to be timed which is neat.

A few of my friends and colleagues do use Voxer, mostly for leisure. After inquiring with those who do use Voxer, they do not use it daily or feel like it is a necessary app to have in their repertoire.




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