My first #Slack experience

Slack was one of the websites I wanted to check out for collaboration. I started off by reading a few articles and seeing what I was getting myself into.

Give Teachers Some Slack: A Tool for Connecting Educators

No Slacking Off! How Savvy Teachers Are Turning to Trello and Slack

What was I expecting you ask? It was nothing like I had imagined. The website itself was trendy and appeared fairly minimalist. I was hoping to find a channel (as Slack calls it) and get involved with the conversation. You’ll see in my screen cast, figuring out how to find a channel actually wasn’t that simple. I was confused throughout my entire 12 minute screen cast. I’m somewhat (I thought anyways) tech savy but I couldn’t even figure out how to join a channel. I had to pause the video a few times and Google my questions.

Here is my first 12 minutes of Slack:

Once I ended my screen cast, I felt I needed a tutorial for myself:

What was the coolest part of this tutorial? Using Slack channels as units for a class. I can see how it is similar to other websites, but Slack is extremely interactive and I believe students would find it super engaging.

Once I understand this better I will do another blog post.

Are you a #slacker? Can you help me get started?


2 thoughts on “My first #Slack experience

  1. Very interesting Janelle. I had never heard of slack before. I think it would be an interesting tool to combine all the methods of communicating online. Might be something I explore in the future… a little too complicated for me right now, but I would like to give it a try in the future!

    Thanks for being honest with your experience in your screencast! 🙂

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