Learning Project Update


I’m having a blast learning how to do Shellac. I am super pleased with myself and I have had so much fun doing it. It is amazing how much information you can find online. Youth have the opportunity to learn so much from the internet but it also has several negative capabilities such as cyber bullying. Through my online learning experience I have learned how easy it is to talk to strangers and heck, even get advice from strangers! It’s great that blogging really gives you that opportunity to show case what you are learning and how  you are learning this. Although I have dedicated over 50+ to this learning project it has well been worth it. This was something I otherwise wouldn’t have found time for in my busy schedule. I love how you can reach out to people so easily on Twitter and my hastags you are easily able to find others with similar interests than you. I am loving playing around with Shellac, and anyone out there looking for nail polish that last 14 days go check out the CND website and or head to a nail salon. The nice thing about Shellac is that is won’t chip or come off. It grows with your nail. The only downside of that is that my nails grow so fast and by 7 days I feel like I already need to re-do them. Another bad thing about Shellac is that I have been able to pick it off once it starts growing out. Perhaps because it isn’t sealed properly or just the fact I am trying to pull it off because it is bothering me. It truly is fascinating how much you can learn online and how willing others are to be involved with your learning.

I am still planning to trying out new ideas with Shellac and playing around. It’s awesome to be creative and spend time doing something you enjoy isn’t it! If you have any ideas, please send them my way!




Now THIS is bedazzled! Rockstar nails

I’m so glad I have friends that let me play with their nails! As I told you last post I picked up some glitter and beads from the Dollar Store. Now it is time for me to explain how the glitter and Shellac worked out for me. I chose to only use one colour to start off with. To be completely honest I didn’t watch this video before I started doing the Rockstar nails but now I can see how I could have done this differently. Again I used Studio White, partly because I want to use that colour more because I don’t seem to use it as much as the rest. I did one coat (always do  a base coat first), then I dumped the glitter on the nail. I really tried not to just dump it on but sadly it just came out too fast. It was everywhere! Oh well it’s just glitter:). I cured it after the glitter was on it then only did ONE coat of top coat. The nails had this terrible feeling after, almost similiar to sand paper. If I would have been more patient I could have just added another coat of top coat but  I wasn’t sure how that would end up when using two coats of top coat. I used blue sparkles though.

Here is the super fun result:

I think it looks absolutely awesome!

Here is a video explaining it as well, this is a sweet video. She uses three colours and does lines. I think I might try this next or even a fun tie dye look!

I understand I am not “certified” to do Shellac but I am learning this for fun. This might not be the Shellac method, as someone stated underneath the video on YouTube but hey it’s just naisl! Again, I am learning how to do Shellac for an online learning project. The idea behind this project is that youth are constantly finding information and learning online. It’s fantastic all that you can do online, you can learn a language or learn how to cook. The opportunities are endless!

Have fun!


Beads n nails

Wow! I can’t wait to tell you about how excited I am right now. A few days ago I tried something new with my Shellac.  After watching this YouTube video I was super inspired to play around with my Shellac products.

I went and bought a bunch of fun beads and sparkles from the Dollar Store.. EE!! I can’t wait to experiment!

So what I decided to do was to do one coat of white (did not cure it) then I made the mistake of accidentally dumping the little jar of light beads onto the nail. I tried to see if any would fall off but they didn’t fall off at all so I can only assume they will also stay on the nail. I cured it for two minutes each then once it was out I put the top coat on. Are you curious about the finished product!? TA DA!!!

Sadly the picture isn’t the best with my phone but it has the same look as the jar of beads.

What will I change in the future? I will definitely not drop beads on the nail, I will be patient and drop only a few on at the time ensuring none are over lapping. The more they overlap the higher chances you have that they will just peel off. It is really thick right now so I am not thinking it will last very long. How will I do this next time, I think it is a bit much on all nails I think it would look really nice on one nail and then have Cocoa on others or a colour that goes well with the choice of beads.

Any other ideas of things I could try? What about patterns?


Princess nails

I am still experimenting with colours! One of the colour combos I have tried recently was using Hot Pop Pink Shellac and Champagne Gelish. I’m not really sure how this will work out at all considering when I tried using Shellac and Gelish last time together they ended up just peeling off. So unfortunate. I used one bottom layer of pink and then cured it and did one layer of Champagne. I loved the outcome! It is a fun girly colour, now just to see if it lasts two weeks….

Check it out!

Anyone else layer Gelish and Shellac? Thoughts?


Layer it on!

As you know I have been learning online how to do Shellac. I have mastered the regular manicure and I decided to move on to some more difficult tasks.

Here is a video that shows some colour combos as well as how to apply:

The two colours I chose to work with was Asphalt and Studio White. I only did one coat of dark and 1 coat of white. As you can see the two colours didn’t blend exceptionally well. In the future I will do two very thin coats of white. Anyways, here it is! Not bad for my first time:)

Here are 150 other Shellac colour combos. HOW AWESOME! It’s fabulous that you can layer colours and then create new ones. With bottles being around $30 it’s nice that you have the option to layer!

Do you have any tips or favourite colour combos?


Naked nails

If anyone is wondering how my nails look after playing around with Shellac here is a quick picture:

I don’t notice my nails are frail. I really feel naked with my nails done:(. I bite my nails so Shellac allows me to keep my nails longer since it is impossible to bite off.. gross.. I know. As you can see my nails are really white. The acetone definitely made them a lot lighter. Other than that my nails feel fine.

After checking out this website I plan to just continue to use Solar Oil and just give them a break. Others suggest vitamins and that is an easy fix.

On the other hand, my mom noticed her nails kept peeling. Online discussed again just shaping them and keeping them healthy using oils.

I have found many other sites before I began doing Shellac that explained that Shellac doesn’t work for everyone. People have found that their nails have been damaged or the Shellac simply peels off. Sometimes it is not due to the person applying the Shellac but simply the persons nails.


Time to go!

Shellac can be removed through acetone .

As I was researching the pros and cons of Acetone I came across this post, “Top ten things you did or didn’t know about Acetone”. My favourite.. Number 5, “This is bad for you”

Shellac can be removed using the CND Nail Wraps:

I chose not to use the Nail Wraps, I ended up just using cotton balls and tin foil.. yeah pretty cheap I know! Although it did work just fine. Although it did look pretty silly (photo taken from Google). Sort of looks like alien hands..

It was interesting to see how easily the Shellac actually came off. It was pretty cool because it literally just fell off. It was like it was just dissolving. I did however have to buff my nails after. Immediately after using acetone my hands were a little white but others said just wash them and put lotion on.

I noticed that the Acetone didn’t need to stay on the nails for 15 minutes, after about 5 minutes the Shellac was already mostly off. I would recommend about 7 minutes.

I could always just buy some Nail Wraps instead of looking so silly because sometimes the tinfoil would fall out.. I thought a good idea would be to use elastics around them but the acetone ate away the elastic and broke it within seconds.