Tech Task #10 Edmodo vs Schoology




  • layout is very easy to navigate
  • provides  detailed features such as attendance, quizzes and assignment sections where each student can submit work


  • if the teacher does not change certain settings it is possible for the students to leave random comments on anything that the teacher posts
  • A bit too similar to Facebook layout
  • The codes that students needed to enter a class were very long and difficult to remember.

  • step by step help is provided when you first become a member
  • teachers can personalize their profiles with avatars and other information
  • very easy to set up a class
  • does not have an attendance feature
  • The quizzes feature does not provide a wide variety of question types

Although the two websites are very similar and seem to offer many of the same options we have decided that if we had to choose we would probably choose Schoology. We were impressed with the quiz section and also the attendance feature. It is very easy to navigate and add different courses that students could be apart of. When we first were able to take a look and explore both of these websites we were very impressed, but we felt like we probably won’t use them when we are teachers. We would like to use them, but in most schools there is already an online program set up that teachers use to record student progress and attendance.  These programs that are currently being used are not as detailed as Schoology, but still allow the students and parents access to their attendance and grades.

If we do use Schoology in our classrooms  we would like to take advantage of the quizzes and assignment section as it would allow our students to have access to the class at anytime and anywhere. If a student was sick in bed they would still be able to submit their assignment through the use of Schoology. Overall we think that these websites are awesome and could be a great tool for teachers. It would be nice if the programs that are being used in the school systems were more like Schoology and Edmodo.

-Madison, Courtney & Janelle


Tech Task # 9. RIP

Our Tech Task #9 was watching RiP! A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor and responding.

Taken from the Synopsis,  Join filmmaker Brett Gaylor and mashup artist Girl Talk as they explore copyright and content creation in the digital age. In the process they dissect the media landscape of the 21st century and shatter the wall between users and producers. Creative Commonsfounder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil’s Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow also come along for the ride.

Before watching this video I really had no idea about copyright and I hadn’t even really began to think about how music and new songs are created. Throughout the video I began learning more and more about this and it gave me better insight as to what is currently happening in this area. This video was fantastic! It was engaging and brought in analogies that made sense to me. I am going to discuss two questions that are of interest to me, the first one being:

When you write an essay or paper you may quote other authors and cite those references. 

Do you believe we should be allowed to do the same with music and video?

As I thought about how we do that in papers I wondered why wouldn’t that make just as much sense to do the same when it came to music. I hadn’t ever thought of that before partly because I had always just thought songs shouldn’t be “taken” from others. The reason I believed that was because how that is seen in the media, I’ve heard many issues on the radio such as artists being sued for creating a song that is just too similar to one that has already been created. After watching this video I realized it’s not about songs being “taken” it’s about new songs being created. Personally I think it is an awesome idea that you can “create something new from something old”. If I was an artist I would be proud of myself that someone out there had enough interest in my song that they wanted to remix it. I would take it as a huge compliment. But back to question, I definitely believe that music is equally creative as writing a book or anything that we are allowed to cite. It makes sense to me that we should be able to cite those references.

Next question,

 “Brazil defied U.S.  IP laws by breaking multiple international patents on HIV medication, 

producing their own copies of the drug for a fraction of the price.” did this to make the drug

affordable to those who would die without it. Is this fair to the corporation that researched and developed that drug?

Through this I had a major “ah-ha” moment, probably my biggest “ah-ha” moment throughout my ECMP 355 class. Alright this is a pretty complex topic. In a way, I do not think it is “fair” to the company that researched and developed the drug. But on the other hand I don’t think it would be “fair” to withhold the drug from being used to treat people. Nor do I think it is “fair” to create a drug on a basis of making money. By producing the drug and selling it for a fraction of the price it is helping others. When I bridged this to music I thought is it fair that artists are using/remixing songs that initially belonged to someone else, my answer? Again it is complicated! I don’t believe they are simply stealing music but  I believe they are doing what they are passionate about and they are remixing songs because they are interested in making music.

As a whole, this is clearly a pretty controversial topic. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Tech Task #8

For ECMP 355 today my group members and I created a short video. The topic was a door and you were able to create a scene involving a sound. I enjoyed working with iMovie since I have an HP computer I don’t often have the opportunity to play around with a Mac. It was fun and also great to learn how to use effectively.

Here is the video:)!


Tech Task #7

Here is my podcast I made for ECMP 355:
We decided to talk a bit about making learning relevant for our students and sort of did a bit of a role play.
I did enjoy making it and it is always beneficial using different programs and resources available online. Especially when students will be using these programs it is important to have a good grasp on how to use them! I know the basics and I am happy with that! I am excited to learn more!

Tech Task # 6

Here is my Digital Story I created for ECMP355. My sister moved to London several years ago. This tells the story of how our relationship grew and changed over time. She planned a surprise trip to Italy while I was there the first time and I didn`t know where I was going till the morning before we left. I have visited her twice since she has been there and my last time I was there we visited Spain and enjoyed the sun! Although she is on the other side of the world, it is easy for us to communicate thanks to technology!


Tech Task #5

Oh the places you

Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

on Aviary.

“Oh the places you’ll go!” by Dr. Seuss holds a special place in my heart.  I received this book  from my mom for my Grade 12 Graduation. I look at this book whenever I need a little pick me up or when I feel as though I am not sure of where my next step should be headed. This book reminds me that life is not always easy, but you have the ability to make your life what YOU want it to be. As an educator I believe we send the same messages to our students, we give them the tools to succeed in life but it is up to them to take whatever path they choose. I hope to create students who are confident individuals who believe they can and will succeed in the world.  Thanks to Dr. Seuss for writing such an encouraging book and thanks to my mom for always being someone who will support me in whatever I choose to do.