Social Media

During my ECMP 355 course we went through many resources. Here are some fabulous websites to check out, courtesy of Alec Couros. Also taken from Madison Ferron, if you are looking for other great resources such as Health Education or Social Justice Education take a look at her blog!

21st Century Learning in Practice (videos):

Communication/Networking Tools & Tutorials

  • Posterous (very easy blogging/communication tool)
  • Tumblr (media-friendly blog platform)
  • Skype (most popular video/audio conferencing tool)
  • (a simple and free, hosted, blogging platform)
  • (where you can get WordPress software if you want to host it yourself)
  • (WordPress-based tool for hosting & managing student blogs easily)
  • Weebly (easy to use website creator and blogging tool)
  • Wix (free and easy, Flash website creator)

Productivity Tools

  • PBWorks (another popular wiki tool)
  • LinkedIn (important, career-based social networking tool)
  • Instapaper (simple tool to save web pages for reading later)
  • Scribd (easy document hosting & management tool)
  • Learnboost (online grade management tool)
  • MapAList (create and manage address-linked maps)
  • Exploratree (online thinking guides; also collaborative)
  • Titanpad (collaborative realtime writing)

Screencasting, Video, Photos, Audio

Presentation Tools

Collaborating Thinking/Writing Tools

Referencing/Attribution Tools

  • BibMe (online referencing tool)
  • EasyBib (another online referencing tool)
  • Plagium (plagiarism detection)
  • Zotero (great research tool for organization, citation, bibliographies)
  • Mendeley (a free reference manager and academic social network)

Polls & Surveys

Media Resources

Mobile Tools

More Resource Lists to Explore

Feel free to comment below to add any resources or review any of these websites!



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