Process Paper

This process paper will discuss my thoughts on the Families Health 8 Unit. Please see Health Units tab then Familes Health 8 tab.

We created this unit initially only using 1 outcome. This clearly was not a practical unit to create especially since Health receives such little time in most Secondary schools. We first created the unit using USC 8.2 then we later added USC 8.1 & USC 8.4. We added them to create a little bit more of a useful unit and one that could encompass more material.

For my process paper I believe this unit could definitely be used in a classroom. It can be introduced any time in the semester, although it is introduced early in the Health 8 curriculum. Some positive characteristics of this unit is the ability to use it in an interdisciplinary manner for example with Social Studies IN 8.1. The fabulous thing about the Health curriculum is that it can be incorporated in many other subject areas, some that flow well being Physical Education, Social Studies, Career Education, etc. The possibilities are endless as health is interconnected with all areas of our life. Health is the foundation of a healthy engaged citizen, without health all other aspects of ones life would suffer. The activities of these lessons are quite broad and can easily be tailored to the needs of the classroom and community. (See blog post Project Based Learning). One fear in the classroom I have regarding this lesson is that families are a personal topic, some children in the classroom may be faced with challenges regarding their home life and they may not feel comfortable discussing their own family due to any pain. As an educator, we will ensure that this is a safe and inclusive classroom and everything will be kept in this classroom unless it puts the student or anyone else in danger. Another great option that could be incorporated into this lesson is Treaty Education. All families have challenges and all families need support. Treaty Education also looks at specific challenges First Nations people may be facing such as loss of culture due to assimilation and Residential Schools. This is a great teachable moment where Treaty Education can seamlessly be intertwined. This can show students that painful situations will continue to effect generations to come if the supports are not used.

Remember: Treaty Education can be a sensitive subject to many families. Ensure that you are teaching Treaty Education in a respectful and authentic manner. Consult Office of the Treaty Commissioner for more information.



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